Over Two Decades of Excellence in Episodic, Features & Commercials

Connecting with customers, in a way that lays a solid foundation on which to build a successful brand, requires a carefully crafted narrative.  Whether animated or live-action, that narrative must be authentic, engaging, and consistent with your audience’s ability to understand your brand’s place in their world.

Authenticity allows an audience to begin to forge a connection on which you build.  Yet, while almost any company can provide animation these days, it’s that key aspect of authenticity that’s critical to your brand’s success.

Vérité Features’ founding members Jonathan Flack & Kirk Hanson have been key in the development of authentic narratives for animated features, episodic television & commercials for nearly two decades.

Authentic narrative storytelling is what we do.

Kirk Hanson

Kirk Hanson gained notoriety through his work as a story artist for numerous feature films & television series at both Disney and Dreamworks. Presently, he is contributing to The 7D (2015) television series.  His most notable work includes The Croods (2013), Toy Story 2 (1999), Hercules (1997), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), and Aladdin (1992).

Jonathan Flack

Jonathan has served as senior crew or technical artist on nearly 20 motion pictures and television shows.  Notable animation credits include lead artist and technical supervisor on animated features, including two Academy Award nominated features and one short with Laika (The Boxtrolls (2014), Paranorman (2012) & Moongirl (2005)), Academy Award Winner Finding Nemo (2003), Space Chimps (2008), Valiant (2005) and numerous spots with BBDO for the incredible 1990’s & early 2000’s M&M’s. Jonathan also served as Visual Effects Supervisor on HBO’s multi-award winning smash hit, The Sporanos.

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s “Honey Girls”

Recent commercial efforts include three successive year long campaigns with Build-A-Bear Workshop, creating entirely original episodic animations for The Honey Girls.

Honey Girls, NYC Episode 3, Happy New Years!

The Honey Girls production team was led by veteran animation Producer, Curtis Augspurger (of the Coka-Cola Polar Bears fame), and included artists in Europe and the US.  Episodes were co-Directed by Alban Lelievre & Jonathan Flack, with Storyboards and narrative development by Kirk Hanson & Emma Coats.

In total, eleven episodes were produced in 2015-16 with nearly 30 minutes of original animated content. This has yielded more than 6-million hits online, with two additional episodes scheduled for production in 2017.

Vérité Features continues to offer our clients animation services with strategic production options in France, Canada, China & Korea to fit just about any production budget.  Our US based story & production management team has a combined 70+ years of expertise in the creation of some of the world’s top animated content.  Combined with a proven stable of animation production teams globally, there are few if any commercial projects beyond our capability.

Visit our founding members’ credit lists here.