Employment Opportunities:

We are always looking for talented people to join our ranks. Forward CV’s & a link to your showreel to jobs[at]

Working within the Coop at Vérité Features provides a unique employment experience, unlike any most experience during their careers.  In addition to providing member economic participation, we work to provide education and training, and operate with a high degree of concern for community.  We encourage a high level of collaboration and work tirelessly to create an environment where every crew member can enjoy the satisfaction of having participated in the creative process for truly meaningful films.

New members of the team vest their membership over time, but all our crew members share in the revenue on each of our films.

Current Positions:

Cinematographer, Underwater:

We are only searching for highly competent divers.  CV should clearly state number of logged dives, range of diving experience (from tropical, polar, caving etc) and provide detailed listing of technical diving abilities/qualifications. Ideal candidates will have rebreather training & experience.

Candidates must demonstrate the deepest understanding of marine biology. When in the field and shooting, an appreciation for wildlife behavior is key- from the macro to megafauna.

Demonstration of highly proficient camerawork, ideally illustrated by broadcast credits, a gifted eye and the potential to compose exquisite underwater images. A link to a showreel (and underwater stills if available) must be submitted. We are also keen to hear from anyone who is already shooting underwater at 4k.

Strong research, planning and organizational skills and experience in setting up underwater animal behavioural sequences will be of value. Most importantly, you must have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure.


We are always in search of cinematographers who can demonstrate a strong ability to work to deliver thoughtfully blocked coverage with particular effort paid to continuity of motion, in careful collaboration with direction and editorial.

Demonstration of highly proficient camerawork in the wild, ideally illustrated by broadcast credits, a gifted eye and the ability to compose exquisite images under a variety of physically difficult conditions, utilizing a host of specialized equipment as the shot demands.

In addition to traditional filmmaking competence, strong research, planning and organizational skills are mandatory. Additional experience in setting up positions with an appreciation for wildlife behavior is key.