Production, Sound Department

Earthworks Microphones

Earthworks_micsAs we prepare to move into production on Unconventional Risk, we have begun to test a number of new tools in order to insure we achieve the highest possible quality in the field during filming.

As filmmakers we know sound is a huge part of the experience for cinema audiences, so we’re always searching for ways to improve on sound quality.  Earlier this year we migrated to Zaxcom’s Zax-Max field recorder and began to master at 192 kHz. With all the additional recording resolution we’ve struggled to find suitable, transparent, high detail microphones that truly shine with this extraordinary recorder.

Enter Earthworks.

Soon after Earthworks released their first microphones they set a new world standard for realism in the art of recording music.  They claim their microphones are, “able to capture and reproduce a soundstage so deep and wide that if you close your eyes you can ‘see’ the music in front of you. Microphones that present transients so smooth you can feel the rosin on the bow as it plays across the violin.”

Now these are not inexpensive microphones by any measure, but filming in remote wilderness areas has taught us that sound is as much a part of the wilderness experience as the imagery.  If Earthworks claims are at all true we’ll be excited to put these to use in the field as soon as possible.

Following the Christmas holiday we look forward to fully field testing a matched pair of  SR40HC microphones and Earthworks’ specialized periscope hyper cardioid P30/HC-B (in a unique boom mic application for tight setups).

The P30 was used extensively throughout “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” a film we all love, particularly for the detailed and intimate quality of the dialogue recordings.

Stay tuned for our full field report.